Bullshido is the art of fighting bullshit. Now more than ever we need this. We deserve it to ourselves and our own sense of self-respect, to stand up for the good stuff, the real stuff, and show zero tolerance to BS.

The art of fighting bullsit.

But this is easier said than done, how do we organise ourselves? How do we know BS when we see it? Given the size and the strength of the opposition, how can we scale our indignation without letting it get corrupted by the very same BS it is fighting against?

# Bullshido.net

Bullshido is an online community dedicated to a No BS, "Full Contact" lifestyle. It would appear that more recently they have extended their remit from Fake Black Belts to Fake Science.

Many members are both participants and fans of Mixed Martial Arts and other extreme sports; and train in all forms of fighting styles from the ancient (Wrestling, Pankration, Kendo) to the modern (MMA, Firearms and Competitive Shooting).

More than just another MMA, Martial Arts, or Fight Forum, Bullshido is a community of similarly-minded individuals who all want the same thing out of life: to live it as hard as possible, without wasting time on the BS.

Bullshido's ongoing mission is service the greater community by rooting out "BS" in the Martial Arts, Combat Sports, and related industries.

We have a dedicated constituency of individuals working together in a grass-roots manner to expose fraud, promote ethics and standards, and increase awareness of the pitfalls of dishonest marketing and ineffective training practices.

Because ultimately, people look to the Martial Arts as a means to defend themselves. When consumers in this industry get sold snake oil, they risk more than just an upset stomach.